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Which Topic for a Blog is More Profitable?

Filed Under (blog, Making Money Online) by kimloon on 23-01-2009

There was a question on which topic for a blog is more profitable.

The person asking this question has two topics in mind, and he was wondering which blog topic can make more money online.

The best method to find out was to start two blogs, each on a topic, and compare the result.

We can find out which has a higher demand, but the profitability would depends on how we drive traffic to the blog and which method being employed to monetize the blog.

Before starting, there are many free and paid tools on the internet which help us in our market research. Examples are the Google Keywords Tools and Word Tracker. These tools would provide information on how many people are searching on the topics world wide. The more people searching for a keyword would mean higher demand.

On the other hand, there are some niche markets, where there are low demands, but they are the big spenders.

There are many methods to drive traffic to the blog. Methods include having a Advertisement Campaign or simply submitting articles to Forum and provide a back link to the blog.

The general ways for making money online are Pay- Per- Sale, Pay- Per- Lead, Pay- Per- Play, Pay- Per- Click and Pay- Per- Review. Each method is employed differently and generates different profit. We can also use multiples methods to make money online in a single blog.

On top of the topics, how profitable a blog would depend on how we drive traffic to the blog and the methods we employed to monetize the blog.

There are many resources on the internet which guides us on the making a profitable blog.

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