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Making Use of Free Report from Atomic Blogging to Optimize this Blog for Marketing

Filed Under (blog) by kimloon on 15-02-2009

Atomic Blogging provides a Free Analysis tool to evaluate how optimized is our blog for marketing at this site. This site would require us to answer a few short questions to evaluate our blogging. Then it will generate a detail analysis report on our blog based on the answer we provided. It also provides some suggestions on how we can improve on our blogging.

I introduced this tool in my previous post. Weeks before that post, I already got my report.

The report told me that this blog optimization and monetization is at a decent level. That was good news, because I know that there is much room for improvement and it also how ow I can improve on this blog.

Based on the suggestions from this report, I made a number of enhancements to this blog to improve on the optimization and monetization. All the enhancements I made are not only free, I only have to do it once and it would be there to serve me as long as the existence of this blog.

The first thing that I realized was that I did not really have a good mean to capture leads on this blog. That meant that, if someone visited this blog and interested in the future posts, he or she has to visit this site periodically to get an update. This would be a turn-off for me if I am the interested party.

I need a mean to let these people know when there is new update on the blog.

So the first enhancement was to setup a RSS subscription. “RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.” –

All WordPress based blog come with a RSS subscription. But, by default, it is usually located at a small corner, not really easily noticeable by most people. Lucky for me, I am using a theme provided by Atomic Blogging. It has put a BIG RSS Subscription on the top right corner, easily for people to subscribe.

I also need more than a RSS subscription, because not every interested people like to use a feed reader. I need to cater to this group of people. I made use of the service from to setup an e-mail subscription. An e-mail will be sent automatically to the subscribers if there is a new post on this blog for that day.

Now people can easily subscribe to new updates on this blog, either via RSS feed or via e-mail. This way, interested people will be informed of any new post and remained connected to this blog.

The free analysis tool provided by Atomic Blogging has shown me the ways on how to further optimize this blog for marketing. With the recommendation, I setup a RSS and an e-mail subscription for interested people to get informed of any new updates on this blog.

I will be posting more on how I made use of the report from Atomic Blogging to enhance this blog optimization for marketing.

Click here now to get a free detailed report analysis on how optimized is your blog for marketing and how you can direct the effort to maximize result.

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