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How to Add Feedburner RSS Subscription to WordPress Blog

Filed Under (blog, How-to Guide, Software Guide) by kimloon on 19-02-2009

WordPress Blog has a RSS subscription build in. The issues with the build-in subscription are, by default, it is located at a small corner, hardly noticeable by most. And secondly, it does not provide any tracking means.

Wordpress Default RSS Subscription(You may need to click on the image for bigger version)

Visit Feedburner Website –

Create an account or login using Google Account.

Feedburner Page. Sign in or Register

Feedburner Page. Sign in or Register

Wordpress Default RSS Subscription

Create a feed by entering the blog address on the space and click on “Next”.
Follows the instructions on the screen.


At the “Enhance Your Stats” Page, you might wish to select addition features provided to track your leads.


You will be given a new feed address, highlighted at the red box.

New RSS Subscription Feed Address Provided by Feedburner

New RSS Subscription Feed Address Provided by Feedburner

To insert the Feedburner Subscription Option in the Blog.

Still at the Feedburner Page, click on the “Publicize” tag and then click on the “Chicklet Chooser”

Scroll down to the box below “Copy the HTML below for use in your own templates:”. Select all in the box, right-click on it and select “Copy”

Copy the code provided

Copy the code provided

Go back to the Blog Administrations. Select “Widget” under “Appearance”.


At the selected Tool Bar (remember to click “Show”, after selecting), add “Text” (“Arbitrary text or HTML”).


Click on “Edit” to edit the text. Paste the code in the box empty box. You may want to add a title. Once it is done, click on “Done” and “Save Changes”.

Add the Code in Blog Widget

Add the Code in Blog Widget

And now you have a BIG RSS Subscription Box on your blog. It allows your readers to easily locate and subscribe to your RSS Feed.

If you have benefited from this tutorial feel free to share it and post it on your blog or comment below.

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