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I Almost Missed a Genuine Comment on this Blog

Filed Under (blog) by kimloon on 25-04-2009

I have been using Akismet on this blog to filter off spam comments. Akismet is a must-have tool for WordPress-based blog.

First it is free and most importantly it works. Before I installed Akismet on this blog, everyday, I had to delete tons of spam comments.

Since I get to know this tool from Atomic Blogging and install this, it has effectively removed hundreds of spam comments on this site. I just let it handle all the spam comments.

Few days ago, for some unknown reason, or maybe I just have this instinct and took a look at the list of spam comments. To my surprise, I found a genuine comment on this the list. Akismet is a wonderful tool, because once I approved the comment, this will be taken off the spam list.

In our daily life, there are many tools which help to make our life easier. And we have the tendency to take tools for granted. But we also have to accept the fact that, these are no such thing as 100% fool proof tools, no matter how effective these tools are.

Akismet is a wonderful tool for a blog to filter off spam. Like any other tools, this is no 100% fool proof. It may falsely identify a genuine comment as spam. Although the chance of such incident is very low, we have to periodically check our spam list to ensure that we do not miss out genuine comments.

I have approved that genuine comment to remove this from the spam list. Through this incident, I have to do my part to check periodically on the spam list, not only on the blogs, but also on my e-mails. I do not want to miss out any genuine comment or e-mail.

Despite of this incident, I still agreed that Akismet is a must-have tools to filter off spam comments on a blog.

Find out”>here.

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