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Fundamental 101 of Blogging

Filed Under (blog) by kimloon on 06-05-2009

We shall go into the Fundamental 101 of blogging, especially the vocabulary. To understand blogs, you need to know the terms blog, platform, domain, and web host. Once you have mastered these key elements of blogging, you can enter any conversation about blogging with confidence. After you know what exactly a blog is, you will be on your way to master the fundamentals of a blog.

According to Wikipedia – “A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

In short, a blog simply means a series of online posts presented in reverse chronological order, latest post appear first. Most blogs are text, but there are also photo blogs and video blogs.

There are many types of blog. The most common one is personal blog. More and more private and community organizations are setting up corporate blogs for marketing, public relations or branding blogs.

To start blogging, you would need a platform, a web host and a domain. A blogging platform is a computer software program that allows you to write posts and to update your blog. Your platform is also what you use to design the look of your blog, from color scheme to common platform is WordPress.

The web host is sort of like the virtual file cabinet where your blog is stored. Your computer communicates with the host when you upload or edit a post. There are free hosts, e.g. and which allow you to host your blog without the need to pay a single cent. Of course, there are limitations compared to a paid webhosting.

The domain is the online address of your blog, and usually ends in ‘dot com’. You can easily register for a web domain and a webhosting at this site – Quick Blog from

Now, you know the knowledge of what a blog is, what a platform is and what a webhost and domains is. You have mastered the Fundamental 101 of blogging.

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