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Avoiding Website Image Copyright Problem

Filed Under (How-to Guide, Internet Business Resource) by kimloon on 31-05-2009

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Sometime back, a friend shared with me that he received a bill of $3,000 for accidentally used a copyrighted image from an image agency site. And recently, I read on the paper that there was a case where an image agency sent a legal document to a owner of a commercial site for using a copyrighted image without permission.

As internet marketeers, we are on a risk of using a copyright image on our sites and having to face a legal bill for this. This is especially so because these images are readily available. We just need to use a search engine and thousands will appear. I am not a professional in the legal aspect, but the followings are some knowledge I have to avoid potential issue with copyrighted images.

1. s for use with Microsoft Office. This provide a convenience way which we can easily search for cliparts suitable for our sites and marketing materials.

I read terms and conditions for use of these cliparts. The cliparts are free for internal presentations use and for non-commercial uses. And these, however, are not to be used for commercial purposes or as part of a logo.

2. Free Cliparts

There are also some free clipart available on the internet. One example is the Open Clipart site. This site aims to create an archive of clip art that can be used for free for any use.

According to the FAQ on “What limitations are there in how I can use the clipart?“, “There are no limitations, you can do whatever you wish with it.“.

This is a good news for Internet Marketeers or any commercial sites owners who wish to have lots of graphics in their sites.

Copyrighted image can be a tricky and troublesome issue to tackle with. Luckily these are some knowledge which I have to avoid this issue.

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