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Can We really get Traffic from Forum Posting?

Filed Under (generating traffic, Internet Business Resource) by kimloon on 15-06-2009

One of the methods to get traffic mentioned in Atomic Blogging is to post in related forums, and include the website address in each posting. Does this method work?

I have been working on some community websites. One of these communities website has been attracting lots of search engine traffic.

Recently, this community is organizing a special interest competition. I happened to know one local forum for special interest group. At every single minute, there are a few hundreds, almost to a thousand visitors browsing this forum.

I decided to post this competition on this forum. First, is to help the community to promote this competition. And I also wanted to test out how effective we can get traffic from forum posting.

Soon after the posting, the community website has a sudden spike in the traffic coming from this forum (See figures below). The traffic from this forum is even higher than the search engine traffic. What amazed me is that, I also found that the link to our community website in another not-so related website.

Traffic of the community website from Google Analytics

Traffic of the community website from Google Analytics

There are a few reasons behind the success of high traffic in this experience. First, this is a very popular local special interest group. This is already tons and tons existing traffic. When we made a posting on this forum, the posting is viewed by hundreds of forum users.

Second, this posting is related and a “hot” topic. There are many people want to take part in such special interest competition. So, by the topics itself, already attract many to view the posting and soon find themselves clicked on the link to the community website to find out more.

Atomic Blogging has shared many proven methods to get traffic to a website. And making postings on related forum is one of such effective methods.

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