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Why Plugins A Must for WordPress Blog

Filed Under (blog) by kimloon on 16-07-2009

Over the weekend, I had a chat with a friend. He is a WordPress Theme Hacker. He is skillful in creating WordPress Theme which is out of the normal.
He shared with me that he do not believe in using Plugins or even Widget. He preferred to embed whatever he wants to on his customized WordPress Theme. He only uses two plugins – Akismet and”>amoxil online Blogs for both personal and community. I have installed many useful plugins for these blogs. I could not imagine why anyone would not believe in plugins.

The followings are some reasons why I find plugin is a MUST for all WordPress Blogs.

Mostly Free
Most of the plugins out there are free. We do not need to pay a single cent to install these plugins onto our WordPress Blog. Of course, we can opt to give a small donation to the creator of these plugins.

Easy to Use
Wordpress has made it so easy to search, install and upgrade plugins. In fact, we can easily do all these three within the WordPress Administration.

We just need to click on “Add New” under the plugins subsection. From there, We can easily search for the plug-in we want. After we found the plug-in we want, we just need a few more mouse click and we have installed the plugin. No downloading or uploading of the installation files.

Upgrading the plugins is even easier. WordPress will automatically tell us when there is a newer version of the plug-in. We just need to go to the installed plugins page, click on the automatic upgrade.

Added Features with Widgets
Wordpress on it own only provides the blogging functions. We can easily add features and expand the capabilities with Widgets came with the plugins.

Event Calendars and Photo Gallery are examples of such plugins.

Event Calendars plug-in is very useful tool for community event organizer blog. Any upcoming events can be posted on to the blog. The plug-in provides Widgets to show upcoming events and events calendar. These widgets help to draw participants to these events.

There are many photo gallery plugs-in available. These photo gallery plugins not only allow us to organize the photos. These also provide Widgets for random pictures or the latest pictures.

Enhance Readers’ Interest
The widgets came with the plugins can also help to enhance readers’ interest.

A picture is more attractive to the reader than words. The random pictures or latest pictures widget from can help to generate interest from readers to check out other posts or items in the blog.

Another useful plugin is the related articles plugin. It automatically adds links to posts with are related to the current one being read by the reader. This continues to attract the reader to read more post in the blog.

Save Time
Some plugs-in are designed to help us save time. The most typical one is the spam filter plugins. Imagine the time saved by not having to go through tons and tons of spam comments and find the genuine ones.

Another one is the Tag suggestions plug-in. It will search the local tags and the internet, to suggest keywords tags relevant to the post.

There are many reasons why we need to install plugins in our WordPress Blog. The above are just some of the reasons. Unless we install the plugins in your blogs, we would not know what we missed.

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