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The secrets of presenting your online business

Filed Under (Internet Business Resource) by kimloon on 01-10-2009

  • Located In A Back Alley. You Will Need A Map To Find It.
  • If You Are Interested, Leave A Note Under The Door. I Hate The Phone.
  • Might Be Some Problems But I’ll Fix Them When I Have Time. (Remember Don’t Call Me)
  • You Can Always Reach Me By Email. Sometimes. Maybe.
  • The Rent Is Really, Really Cheap.

If you were ready to start a new business and were searching for a location. Would this ad interest you. Probably not. No matter how cheap the rent, this building entrepreneurs are ready to start their online businesses, they very often get started in a building just like this!

Do you know that most hosting companies do not even own their own servers. Servers are the computers that your websites are hosted on. These companies rent space on servers owned by other companies. They may be hundreds or thousands of miles away. When you have a problem, you must first try to reach your hosting company and they in turn
must reach the company where the servers are located. All the time your website is down, your store is closed. How much of this could your new business survive?


  • Located On Main Street
  • Your Customers Will Find You Easily
  • Landlord Available 24 hours A Day
  • If You Need Any Assistance Just Drop Into Our Support Room
  • As A Free Bonus We Provide Business Training To Help You Succeed

How About this ad? Does this sound more like something an astute business owner would be looking for? Don’t destroy your new business at the start opening your store in the wrong location.

Allow me to describe the perfect landlord, (Hosting Company).

  • + Reasonably priced hosting packages to fit your business
  • + Adaptable. Allowing you to grow your business without moving your location
  • + 24 hour online support. Speak with a live person 24 hours a day
  • + All servers owned and maintained by company on their location
  • + Twenty live training conferences a week. Learn how to succeed
  • + Meet with the president of the company twice a week. Share your suggestions. State your concerns and learn whats new from the boss
  • + Network with successful internet marketers daily
  • + Give all these features a try with our 30 day trial plan
  • Get All The Facts. Attend One Of Our Online Conferences.
    See If Our Location Is The Perfect Home For Your Business!

    Click here to join Kiosk!

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