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Importance of Getting Reliable Tools for Internet Business

Filed Under (blog, Internet Business Resource) by kimloon on 06-11-2009

There are many free resources or tools out there for Internet Business. Are these free tools reliable for Internet Business?

A successful Blogger, Alvin, of Gather Success, shared his unpleasant experiences for using free web hosting and other free tools when he was starting out in his recent post. For some unknown reasons, his free accounts were suspended. He had to go through a series of trouble to re-work his internet business.

I highly recommend people to read his post on this experience here.

I also have my bad experiences in using the free tools and resources for the Internet Business. One of commonly used tools was a link cloaking program or tools to make an URL short.

I started using free to shorten my link url and affiliate links. I have posted the shortened url in many sites and drove quite a fair amount of traffic to various sites.

After a few months, without any warning, was shutdown. And worse, I only realized this much later.

All those past effort for driving traffic are now down into the drain. The impact of lost potential traffic is only one of the consequences. I have to go to the individual postings to edit the link to a workable one. Much time and energy was wasted doing so. I could have put these time and energy into other aspects of my Internet Business.

Another problem I faced was that, not all postings can be changed. Imagine what would anybody think when he or buy as not workable.

From then onwards, I only used the link forwarder in my web hosting to cloak the affiliate link. At least, I need not have to worry that, one day the free tools would be shut down and all my time and effort gone to waste.

Using reliable tools is essential for the success of any Internet Business. This is one aspect that any Internet Marketer cannot afford not to invest in. Using free tools or resource runs the danger of being shut down any time. When that happens, much energy and time was wasted.

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