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Self Hosting Option for Website Owners

Filed Under (Internet Business Resource) by kimloon on 26-05-2010

Self-hosting or hosting their site in their own computers is an option for website owners.

One benefit of self hosting is that they can have as much storage space as they want depending on the hard disk space. They can put in tons of videos, full-size images and other media without worrying about paying additional cost to hosting companies.

On top of that, computer and accessories are getting cheaper by the days. There are also many open source software and online guides for self hosting.

Recently, a friend offered to give me free hosting on his computer.

Personally, I do not favor self-hosting or hosting the websites in own computers. There are other disadvantages involved in self hosting as well.

First, there is the cost of maintenance. Self hosting means that the hosting computer has to be switched on 24 hours a day, or else there will be a loss of service. Furthermore, the owners have to be on standby in case of any failure. This means that, the site could be down until the owner discover it and fix it.

Secondly, there is the danger of violating the service provider’s contract. Most service providers impose restriction for to run services, like website hosting.

To me, paying for a reputable hosting company to host my sites means that, I do not have these worries. They have network professionals on standby to prevent any loss of service. There is also no worry about violating the service providers’ contract.

Self hosting can be an option to many web site owners. Personally, I rather pay a hosting company to host my sites.

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