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3 Free WordPress Plugins I Definitely Use

Filed Under (blog, Software Guide) by admin on 26-12-2010

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An advantage of WordPress is the feature of allowing plugins to expand its capability. Some of these plugins would help to save time in the blog posting, while some would enhance the readers’ experience in the blog. The best thing of these plugins is, most of them are free. However, there are thousands of free plugins available, and it could be confusing to find out which plug-in to use.

These are 3 free plugins which I definitely use in the WordPress sites I created.

Akismet Plugin

In the internet world, there are lots of spams, including spam comments. On each day, there could be tens of spam comments on each WordPress omments, if not modulated, may not reflect well for the site.

Luckily, there is the Akismet plugin available. The Akismet is a free plugin which help to remove spam comments in our WordPress site. The use of Akismet requires registration for an API key.

Once registered, Akismet will effectively help to reduce the number of spam comment in the site, by marking them as spam. Sometime, a few spam comments may slip through. In my experience, the success rate for Akismet is over 98%.

Simple Tags Plugin

We always tag our post with keywords. This is to enable for the post to be easily found and organized. The default tagging function in WordPress only suggested the most commonly used keywords within the site. These keywords may not even be relevant to the post.

I am using the Simple Tag Plugin to help me in the Keyword tagging. The Simple Tags can help to go through the post. It would suggest relevant keywords from the site, Yahoo and other tools. This is very useful for lazy person like me. I just need to click and select the relevant keywords.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

I learned that there are plugins which would suggest related posts for further reading. These plugins would put an additional segment in each post. This segment provides links to posts within the site which are relevant to this post based on the keywords. (This is where the Simple Tag Plugin is so useful.)

In general, such related posts plugin would improve reader’s experience in the site. After reading a post, he or she would find it useful to check out relevant posts. And this would keep the reader interested in the site.

I found that there are a few related posts plugin available. So far, I have been using Yet Another Related Posts, and I believe it will be helpful for you as well.

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