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One Stop Tool for Webmaster with Multiplies Sites

Filed Under (Website Tool) by admin on 18-11-2012

Being a webmaster handling a few sites, doing updating can be quite a time consuming and repetitive process.

I am the webmaster for a number of website running on WordPress. Whenever there is an update on any plug-in, I need to go into individual website to perform the update. WordPress had designed such that the process is very simple with clicking of a few buttons.

However, the process of logging into individual site and doing the update repeatedly will take up a considerable amount of time. If updating a single website takes about 5 minutes, updating 10 sites will take almost an hour.

Some of these websites belong to a single organization. There were a number of occasions when, there is an announcement to be made over these websites. This meant that, the same article will be posted over a number of sites.

This can be easily done by using the simple copy and paste method. I copied the article and pasted it easily as new articles in these websites. Similarly to updating the plugin, I still have to log into the individual website, create a new article, paste the content and then post it. The process is time consuming and repetitive.

A one stop webmaster tool which can simplify the updating process will definitely save me time and energy. The one stop tool allows me to have a single login. In this tool site, I can easily see what are the plugs-in required to be updated. And with a few click, I can easily update all the plugs-in in all the sites which I manage without even leaving the tool site.

Similarly, within the tool site, I can easily create an article and post it to all the websites selected by me. I do not have to log in to individual website and do the time consuming and repetitive updating individually.

Click here to find out more about the one stop webmaster tool.

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